IMEI Service



Is not necessary to put the exact imei when making the order but is recommended so is easier to identify the order.
This product is for  removing the google account FRP of samsung account for ALL Samsung new phones.
It is done remotely by usb cable and not by imei.
After buying this service you will have to download usb flexihub from the next link and install it :

If do not have samsung drivers also install those Samsung drivers
Contact us on the website chat or on whatsapp +40747457488 and will do the frp unlock for you.
 To perform the online unlock you will have to connect the phone to computer, after you did the connection by flexihub , a process that takes less than 5 min .We will not have access to your computer or see your files. We are normally available according to our Online program:


Price : USD13.5USD
Delivery Time : 5-20 Miniutes

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