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Samsung MSL code Service (Any model supported including S8)




This product is for the MSL code that can be used for unlocking new phone models using professional unlock software.

We can help you and unlock it remotely for you for an extra fee of 10$ if you do not have the software or do not know how (just contact us before purchasing)!

Supported phones:

All the models beside CDMA Phones (Sprint, Boost, etc) and T-Mobile and MetroPCS Samsung with Device Unlock app!

Will not work for the phone with Knox flag tripped , so verify before ordering in Download Mode, as there is no refund if not working because of this reason!

No refund if the Serial number or IMEI is wrong!

Example of results:

MSLAddress: RF8H531PLF



Sometimes the SN shown in the phone is not the real SN/MSLAddress needed for getting the correct MSLCODE . To be sure better read the correct SN using Z3X or similar software (If not order on your own risk):

1.Connect the phone to z3x and select correct model.

2.Press unlock and z3x will ask you to enter msl ... enter any 32 digits or can simply press cancel when prompted to enter msl.

3.Once the unlock fails to look at your log... there will be 2 sn # ... the 2nd sn is the true msl_address of the phone. please use that to order along with the IMEI of the phone refer to picture below: 


Price : USD23.9USD

Delivery Time : 4-24 Hours

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