Get free unlock credits!

Get free unlock credits!

Get 10 credits on your account that can be used for any service by making a video where to show how you use one of our services.

You will do the process anyway (like insert the unlock code,do a remote unlock/frp ,activate a box etc) why not getting the service with 10$ less by filming the process!

Rules for making the video:

-Must be a good quality video,so can understand if anything is written there,anyway with a good smartphone should be perfect

-Can publish on your youtube chanel or give it to us to publish on our chanel 

-Preferable to talk and explain what is happening (in English, French or Spanish ) or put subtitles 

Example of video that you can make:

-For an unlock code,show on video how you got the code from our website ,the service name 

-For a remote service like a FRP show both what is happening on your phone and what shows on the computer,like how we do the service by flexihub even our conversation if you want and at the end how the phone is working

-For credits or user/password for certain tools that you will use for unlocks (for example samkey / chimera) show how you got the credits and how you unlock the phone with that software

-For an activation ,or credits for a box show the service from our web,and how you activate the box  etc and if you activate or want to use the credits for a certain unlock show how you do the unlock


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